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  • Efficient heating even at an outdoor temperature of -22 ° C
  • Ionizer (Cold Plasma) – built-in generator of negative ions, which helps to freshen the air in the room and remove harmful bacteria.
  • Intelligent defrost system – it ensures that this mode will be used only when necessary and not at a fixed time.
  • Electric heaters for the crankcase, the compressor and the drain pan
  • I-Feel – one of the unique features of the Gree air conditioning system, which has a built-in temperature sensor in the remote control. When the “I Feel” mode is activated, it will maintain the specified temperature at which the remote control is located. This allows greater temperature control wherever you are.
  • Wi-Fi module – elegantly integrated behind the front panel of the air conditioner, through applications available for iPhone and Android-based phones.
  • Regulating element – electronic TRV
  • Timer – the timer allows you to set the time to turn on and off the air conditioner for 24 hours.
  • Automatic restart – in case of temporary power failure, the air conditioner will automatically restart in the last mode after the power is restored.
  • Warm start
  • Self-diagnostics – simplifies maintenance by pointing out system errors or anomalies at work.
  • 7 speeds of the indoor unit fan

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